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As your next Mayor, I will help our city government get back to basics and deliver results for our community.

From Julie

Hi, I’m your neighbor, Julie Hoy. We can all see Salem is struggling. We feel less safe, and the millions we are spending are not solving the problems. Over the years, some leaders have
decided to settle, wanting us to believe that this is all we can expect.

I disagree.

I am running for Mayor because I believe there is hope. We can fund public safety first, and from that foundation, we can come together and find new, bold solutions for our community.
Salem doesn’t have a revenue problem, we have a priorities problem.

Instead of continuing to raise taxes, I will listen to you and make sure city government delivers on core services.

Our problems are large, but our passion is stronger. Please join me. Together we can create a safe, vibrant, affordable Salem we can all be proud of.

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"Julie is a commonsense problem solver that never forgets the people she is serving. Salem will be better with her leadership."

Former State Senator Denyc Boles



Julie will:

  • Oppose unnecessary taxes and fees

  • Fund public safety first

  • Require government accountability

  • Address unsanctioned camping on our streets

  • Make City government more inclusive for all residents

  • Coordinate with Marion and Polk Counties to provide better services for our homeless neighbors

I want to be clear, the mayor can’t solve everything single handedly. I don’t want to promise you a bunch of things there is no chance of me actually accomplishing. Any politician can promise unreal things, but that’s not who I am.

There are some things I am uniquely qualified to do right from day one. I think we can all agree, we can’t keep trying the same things over and over. We need new solutions and new partnerships to solve the big issues facing our community. Over the past two years, we have had a leader who believes he knows what’s best for our community. That’s not my style. I believe we need more people involved in drafting the solutions that our community actually

My first goal would be to have the tough conversations that frankly, we just aren’t having right now. My opponent says we have nearly a 30-million-dollar budget shortfall, but as a member of the budget committee, I’m not even allowed to see what goes into creating that shortfall, or what solutions could be possible, other than just raising more revenue.

Given how badly the payroll tax failed (which I voted against, by the way), I believe the city needs to take a hard look at what efficiencies are possible and build more trust with the voters before looking for new revenue streams.


One huge expense for the city is the many ways we fund homeless services. Now let’s be clear, I believe folks who are struggling and want help need quality, compassionate care. What concerns me is that many of these services should be provided through the Counties – they are the public and mental health authorities and are uniquely suited to coordinate that care. Unfortunately for Salem, city leadership has a very fraught relationship with the counties, so the city is shouldering more that I think we should be.

We need to focus on what we do best: Public safety, roads, parks and facilitating the construction of much needed housing. I will bring solid working relationships with county commissioners from both Marion and Polk counties to bear in my first days in office to bring the needed coordination into action.

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Together, we can get Salem back on track. 

​Campaigns can be expensive, and every dollar you contribute will help Julie get her message out to the voters of Salem.

Did you know?

Oregon has a political tax credit. You can contribute $50 ($100 for joint filers) and get that back on your taxes next year!

Julie Hoy for Mayor

PO Box 18566
Salem, Oregon 97305

Make checks payable to: Friends of Julie Hoy

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